Video Tour

A Bottle's Journey

How does Weisenbach do it? Follow the empty bottles from popular Columbus, Ohio restaurants to Weisenbach Recycled Products, where they are weighed, cleaned and crushed before traveling to the kiln of a local glass artist to become amazing works of art! 100% post-consumer glass awards!

RePower America

Dan Weisenbach discusses some WRP history, the importance of saving energy, and some of the many benefits of recycling!


Earth Day at WRP

Fox 28 Johnny DiLoretto's first visit to WRP! Join Johnny D and Dan Weisenbach as they chop up polypropylene (#5 plastic) in WRP's plastics granulator and learn a little bit about injection molding. Then follow the guys as Dan shows Johnny how old newspapers can become new custom-printed Mood Pencils!

More Earth Day at WRP - Glass, Circuit Boards and Tire Rubber

Fox 28's Johnny DiLoretto get hands-on at WRP! Watch as he and Dan Weisenbach pulverize glass bottles in the glass crushing machine, dig through a giant box of old circuit boards and toss around some old tire rubber - just to see what cool stuff they can make from the scrap materials.

10-TV Glass Bottle Recycling

10-TV News starts at Betty's Fine Food and Spirits in Columbus, OH and follows their empty spirits bottles to Weisenbach Recycled Products, where the bottles become beautiful works of glass art.

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