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There Is No Such Thing as a Stryofoam® Cup

Posted by WRP on 1/30/2015 to Office Supplies
There Is No Such Thing as a Stryofoam® Cup
Styrofoam® Cups Do NOT Exist

That's right, there is no such thing as a "styrofoam cup" and Styrofoam® has never been used as a food service product. Mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam®, expanded polystyrene (EPS), is used to make cups, plates, lunch trays, and many forms of packaging. Styrofoam® is a registered trademark of The Dow Chemical Company for its extruded polystyrene foam used as building insulation.

The Dart Container Corporation CARE Program (Cups Are REcyclable) makes this valuable material available to Weisenbach and other product manufacturers. The polystyrene is collected, densified, granulated, washed and pelletized into a new raw material.

Thanks to DART Corporation's commitment, recycling of foam plastics is growing rapidly. The new P.S.™ Pen is the first of many items that we plan to make from recycled foam cups, foam plates, and foam packaging.

PS PensIntroducing our new P.S.™ stick pen made from post-consumer recycled EPS (expanded polystyrene). A strong, durable writing instrument made from 50% foam plastic.
Now available in your choice of 7 barrel colors, including our new neon pink and neon green pens.  All offer a smooth-writing blue or black ink ballpoint cartridge and one of our standard cap colors (frost, blue or black). The pen states its recycled content message on the barrel and is ready for your logo and tagline. Priced as low as $0.30 each for large quantities.

PS Pens
Weisenbach Recycled Products is continuing to experiment with new ways we can use this recycled plastic to make products in keeping with our **W.A.R.M. manufacturing philosophy: using would-be Waste As Raw Material.
P.S. and the P.S. logo are trademarks of Weisenbach. DART® and the DART logo are registered trademarks of Dart Container Corporation. 

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