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Environment, Health & Safety Calendar of Events

Posted by WRP on 3/25/2015 to Educational
Environment, Health & Safety Calendar of Events
Weisenbach 2015 Environment, Health and Safety Calendar

2015 is a busy year. From the first days of January until the wee hours of December, there is a heaping assortment of special events and commemorations, be it Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. No matter what the season, there are sure to be activities planned in your neck of the woods to celebrate just such occasions. Like...
Winter Waste
Starting in January and all year long, we have the Great American Cleanup, a program of Keep America Beautiful, encouraging people get involved in cleaning up our neighborhoods, parks and roadways. As winter nears an end, Zero Waste Week, a relatively new event with flexible participation dates, challenges us to go for a week without making any trash. Can you do it?

Spring Water
Oh poo. Seriously, dog poop is nasty to step-in but even nastier when it's washed into streams and lakes that supply our drinking water. National Scoop the Poop Week in April encourages responsible pet ownership and cleaning up after your pets. And speaking of clean water, there's also Water Awareness Month and Drinking Water Week in May.

Spring Cleaning
It just wouldn't be spring without the old cliche of spring cleaning. Clean-up can care for our Earth this April 22nd, Earth Day. Help clean the air by planting trees on Arbor Day (April 24th) and keep the air clean by biking to work on Bike to Work Day (May 15). If you're really up for the challenge, try Bike to Work Week (May 11-15) or even all month long - May is Bike Month.

Healthy Spring
Eat your vegetables, and grow greener greens in your garden by avoiding chemicals and choosing the natural goodness of compost during International Compost Awareness Week (May 3-9). Then pay extra special homage to those who help keep us all healthy on Nurses Day (May 6).

Just Because It's Us
World Penguin Day - April 25th. Yes, you knew we had to go there. It's one of our favorite days, and why not yours, too? Celebrate penguins and their wonderful, wacky, flightless antics.

This is a lot but there's a lot more!
View our full Environment, Health and Safety Event Calendar.

Tell us what you are doing for your own special day. Call us - we can help set your event apart and make it most memorable.

Did we miss something? There sure are a lot of special days out there and we didn't intend to leave anyone out - so if there is something that we missed, just let us know and we can update our calendar. We'd be much obliged!

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