Weisenbach Recycled Products

Weisenbach Specialty Printing, Inc.

Weisenbach Recycled Products, an innovator and leader in the Green Industry for the last 35 years, is officially closed.

Founded by Dan Weisenbach in 1981, along with his parents, Paul and Teresa Weisenbach, the company grew over the years to become a leader in providing Recycled and Sustainable Promotional Products, Printing, Glass Awards and Pollution Prevention items, such as a line of patented Funnels and Spouts. Dan Weisenbach passed away in November of 2015 preceded by his parents with the company transferring to his wife Katrina Weisenbach. Katrina’s daughter, Jillian Weisenbach, then 27, took over running of the business having already been working with her father for several years.

Katrina remembers her husband’s passion to change the world and his community by inspiring people to consider the environmental impact their purchases have on the health of the Earth. He hoped that everyone would be Eco Friendly and discover that “Recycling is Cool”. Dan pioneered the recycled promotional products industry back in the mid-1980’s at a time when buying recycled was not yet in the spotlight.

Katrina is grateful for all the customers who supported her husband’s business and the loyal staff at Weisenbach who’ve been with Dan over the years. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

In the words of Dan Weisenbach, “Do something to make the world happy!”